Cape Five; Plums from South Africa to Europe 2015

The Opportunity

To extend quality and reduce waste on plum varieties shipped by Cape Five from Cape Town to UK and Netherlands.

The Approach

During a 3 month period 4 commercial shipments were made off our plum varieties, comparing It’s Fresh! to controls. Fruit from the same farm and pick was used and shipped in separate containers each time for the It’s Fresh! and controls fruit. Control containers were fitted with a Bioconservation® ethylene scrubber (potassium permanganate). Three pallets were randomly chosen from each of the containers for inspection. Half the fruit was examined for TSS, pressure, internal and external defects; the balance was placed in a laboratory simulating a retail situation.

The Outcome

It’s Fresh! had a significantly positive impact on the shelf and storage life of all four plum varieties. The pressure of the plums was always firmer with It’s Fresh!In almost all cases there was reduced shrivel and rots compared to the controls. Cape 5 calculated that the quality benefits justified the cost of using It’s Fresh!.