Kingsburg Orchards; Stone Fruit from USA to China 2014

The Opportunity

To help Kingsburg expand its business into Asia by improving quality and extending shelf life of stone fruit shipped from California to Guangzhou China.

The Approach

Separate containers of fruit with It’s Fresh! and control fruit were shipped from California, with Gate Global an independent 3rd party making daily quality assessments after arrival in Guangzhou replicating 4 different supply chain scenarios. Kingsburg were interested in both quality extension and improvement of consumers’eating experience. There were “Would I Buy It?” assessments, pressure recordings and blind sensory testing.

The Outcome

Fruit shipped with It’s Fresh! had up to 3 days longer shelf life in the 4 scenarios. Each day of quality extension, delivered 400% ROI on the cost of It’s Fresh!. The sensory panel showed It’s Fresh! delivering purchase preference.