Morrisons; Berries – Commercial Pilot 2015

The Opportunity

To extend the freshness and quality of Morrisons berries, reduce in-store waste and grow sales.

The Approach

It’s Fresh! filters were included with all strawberry and raspberry punnets for 5 months during the UK season, allowing Best Before dates to be extended. Independent 3rd party assessments were carried out to evaluate the quality and sensory attributes of Morrisons berries compared to their major competitors.

The Outcome

Morrisons’ strawberries and raspberries with It’s Fresh! were considered the best with an average of 99% good quality berries. Almost 90% of Morrisons’ shoppers thought their berries were excellent or good. 40% of Morrisons’ store and produce managers questioned noticedimproved freshness and reduced complaints. Morrisons outperformed the rest of the market on strawberries growth, 7% vs 4% (Kantar).

“This technology helps to preserve the quality of our fruit which is
important for customers who want their food to stay fresher for longer.”

Hugh Mowat – Head of Quality Produce & Horticulture, Morrisons PLC