Morrisons; Consumer Research – Strawberries 2016

The Opportunity

To confirm consumer delight remains high with It’s Fresh! in Morrisons’ strawberries in 2016 following a successful 2015 with It’s Fresh!.

The Approach

The main objectives of the survey were to confirm consumer reaction in the 2016 season compared to 2015 and to test consumer perception of Morrisons’ strawberries against other retailers. There were 1149 respondents in total.

The Outcome

84% regarded the eating experience as excellent or good; 84% regarded freshness as excellent or good; 71% regarded staying fresh as excellent or good and 70% regarded value for money as excellent. Compared to other supermarkets 43% said Morrisons were better and 17% said they were worse, with 40% unable to give an opinion. Morrisons continue to use It’s Fresh! enthusiastically on all strawberries and raspberries, rolling out on many other cultivars.