UK retailer; Consumer Research – Strawberries 2012

The Opportunity

To confirm good consumer reaction to the introduction of It’s Fresh! with strawberries during the UK strawberry season.

The Approach

The main objectives of the two surveys were to establish whether customer perceptions had changed following the introduction of It’s Fresh! and to determine whether shoppers are prepared to pay a little more for extended freshness. There were two 4-day consumer surveys linked to a strawberry pilot during the 2012 UK strawberry season with a leading UK retailer.

The Outcome

Between the two surveys, customer perception of this leading UK retailer’s Berries improved significantly for both regular and casual shoppers. This seems to indicate that It’s Fresh! would have positive impact in encouraging shoppers to ‘top up’ their fresh produce purchases at this UK retailer. A majority of shoppers are prepared to pay up to 10p extra per pack for fresher, longer lasting strawberries.